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Suitable for all skin tones ●  Permanent results ● No downtime ● Minimal discomfort ● Smooths the appearance of skin

Laser Hair Reduction Treatments

Combat your unwanted hair

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of shaving, waxing and epilating with laser hair removal. The most effective treatment for permanently reducing facial and body hair, our laser removal treatments will target hair at its follicle to slow and prevent regrowth.

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How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a safe and straightforward procedure that uses a medical-grade laser to damage hair follicles under the skin, preventing their regrowth.

Your hair follicles have a growth cycle and will need to be targeted at a specific point in the cycle to be effectively treated. As your individual hairs may be in different cycles, several sessions will be required to see permanent results.

The treatment is effective for both men and women on all skin tones and can be used on hair across your body, including leg hair, back hair and sensitive areas such as the face and bikini line.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is a completely safe treatment. At Koha Skin Clinics, we use the FDA-approved Candela GentleMax Pro, considered the Gold Standard in laser hair removal thanks to their 20 years of expertise. All of our aestheticians are also fully trained, holding industry-standard certification along with many years of experience.

The benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has plenty of benefits:

Permanent hair reduction

Following treatment, you will begin to see reduced hair regrowth that will appear much finer and lighter. We recommend a course of 4-6 treatments to see long-lasting results which will permanently reduce hair by up to 90%.

Reduce irritation

Typical at-home hair removal solutions, such as shaving and waxing, can irritate skin and lead to uncomfortable stubble and ingrown hairs. With laser hair removal, this will become a problem of the past.

Soothe the appearance of skin

Hair regrowth can lead to an uneven skin tone, and constant waxing or shaving can create pigmentation – all of which can disappear with laser hair removal.

Save time

Frequently waxing and shaving your body will take up so much of your precious time. But, following a course of laser hair removal treatments, you may never need to waste your time again.

Treatment Areas

Thanks to our dual-wavelength laser machine, we can treat a range of treatment areas.

  • Laser patch test
  • Small Area  – Applicable for the Jawline, Underarms, Toes, Feet (including toes), Eyebrows, Earlobes, Nose, Fingers, Hands, Upper Lip, Cheeks, Nipples, Chin, Navel Pubis.
  • Medium Area – Applicable for the Bikini Area (Bikini Line, Brazilian or Hollywood), Underarms, Upper Lip and Chin, Buttock, Chest, Beard, Half Face, Half Back.
  • Large Area – Applicable for Full Face, Half Arms, Half Legs.
  • Extra Large Area – Applicable for Full Legs, Full Back and Shoulders, Full Arms

The Treatment

Step 1 – Consultation

Before we start your treatment, we will welcome you for a consultation with one of our clinicians where they will check your medical history and any possible contraindications for the laser procedure.

They will then discuss the treatment with you, explain how it works, answer any questions, and discuss the costs involved. Your aesthetician will also look at the hair you would like to remove and carry out a patch test to ensure your skin will react well to the treatment.

Step 2 – Your Treatment

You will then be welcomed back for your laser hair removal treatment. We’ll give you some time to get comfy in our treatment room before beginning the process. Depending on the size of the area you want to be treated, we will then map out our laser path and start targeting your hair follicles.

Step 3 – Aftercare

Immediately after the treatment, you will experience some swelling of the hair follicles in the treatment site which can last up to 2 hours or longer, while redness in the area may last for 2-3 days. You may also experience a sunburn-like sensation following treatment, but your prescriber will offer you’re a cooling method to enhance your comfort.

You will be able to use topical soothing skincare products, such as Aloe Vera, following treatment, as well as mineral make-up products as long as the skin is not irritated. Following treatment, we recommend that you avoid sun exposure and use SPF 30+ throughout your course of laser sessions.

We also advise that you do not use any other hair removal treatments for 4-6 weeks following treatment, such as waxing, electrolysis or tweezing as they will disturb the follicle. Shaving, however, can be used. It’s also important to avoid picking or scratching the disturbed skin.

What Our Customers Think

Great treatment

Great treatment for Laser Hair Removal and red spider veins. Relaxed environment and highly experienced clinician. Highly recommend.

Denise Highfield, June 2019

Great results all round!

All the staff at Koha are very friendly and professional. I have had laser treatment with Elena and the result were fantastic after only 2 treatments. I’ve also seen Doctor Katie who is lovely and had a HydraFacial with Fortunata, great results all round! An amazing team!

Nikki Marsh, August 2020

Professional client care

Not only professional client care and great service, but an amazing experience. Such a beautiful clinic, I highly recommend.

Miriam Mead, August 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser hair removal right for me?

Laser hair removal is an effective and safe method of reducing hair growth for people of all genders, skin types and hair colours. We use the Candela GentleMax Pro, which can be adjusted to efficiently target individuals of all skin tones, provided that the hair is pigmented enough to attract the laser.

Will laser hair removal hurt?

The treatment won’t cause you pain, but you may feel slight discomfort when first treated. However, our equipment has a specialised cooling system which will ensure you remain comfortable throughout your treatment.

Over time, as fewer hair follicles are treated, these sensations will lessen.

How long will the results of laser hair removal last for?

Many different factors can impact hair growth, and hormones can play a significant role in new growth, so the longevity of laser hair removal results can be different for everyone. However, following a course of treatments, you may go years without seeing any growth, and simply require a yearly touch up treatment.

Are the results of laser hair removal instant?

Your treatment results won’t be instant, but in the weeks following your first treatment, you will notice a reduction in hair growth and that hairs have become thinner. Following ongoing treatment, your hair will stop regrowing.

Will laser hair removal damage my skin?

Laser hair removal will not damage your skin. However, in the immediate 24 hours following treatment, you may experience some temporary redness.

Is there any downtime following laser hair removal?

There is no downtime following your treatment. You may experience some skin redness, but this will disappear within 24 hours. You will be able to continue with your normal day to day activities immediately after your treatment.

Can laser hair removal cause cancer?

Laser hair removal will not cause cancer. Cancer is caused by UV light which damages your cell’s DNA.

Our FDA-approved laser only uses the red spectrum of light which will only be absorbed by the dark pigment in your hair. This will not impact on your skin cells and is 100% safe.