Lumineo Advanced Light Therapy

Services from £30

The Lumineo device incorporates LED wavelengths that penetrate the skin, accelerating wound healing, boosting collagen, evening our skin tone, reducing breakouts and much more.

It is a pain free and relaxing treatment that can help to reduce the downtime of advanced aesthetic treatments.

The device has 7 modes for face and body treatments:

LED light therapy Purple

Purple LED Light (308nm)

Helps heal and repair skin

Brighten skin

Improve skin clarity

LED light therapy Orange

Orange LED Light (610nm)

Increase blood circulation

Increase oxygenation in skin

Feed skin with vital nutrition

LED light therapy Blue

Blue LED Light (415nm)

Kills main spot causing bacteria

Reduces redness

LED light therapy Red

Red LED Light (635nm)

Boosts Collagen

Repairs Elastin

Increase natural hyaluronic acid

Reduce skin inflammation

Improves healing time after invasive treatments

Reduces Bruising

LED light therapy Yellow

Yellow LED Light (590nm)

Increase lymphatic drainage

Improves sluggish complexion

LED light therapy Green

Green LED Light (560nm)

Target and reduce hyperpigmentation

Brightening skin complexion

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