Anti Wrinkle Injections

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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Treatment is administrated only by our Prescriber. It is a quick and simple procedure to improve the most stubborn lines and wrinkles. Advanced techniques can be used to reduce teeth grinding and excessive sweating.

Anit-age Injectable Treatment Prices

Consultation – Free
One Treatment Area –  £220
Two Treatment Areas – £275
Three Treatment Areas – £345
Face slimming /Teeth grinding reduction – £500
Excessive Sweating – £500

Fillers injections

Our extremely experienced Aesthetic Doctor will be able to advise on which is best for your needs. Areas that can be treated include lips, marionette lines (nose to mouth lines), & general skin hydration. Advanced techniques can be used for: Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, chin and jaw line reconstruction, cheeks, tear through, face recontouring

Fillers Injections

Consultation – Free
1 ml  – £300
2 ml  – £550 for the same area
3 ml  – £750 for the same area
Advanced Aesthetic Fillers 1ml  – From £450

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