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Suitable for all skin types ●  Treatments last for 30 – 60 minutes ● No downtime ● Effective for a range of skin conditions ● The celebrity facial

HydraFacial Treatments

Improve your skin for life

Your skin is unique, so your skincare should be too. That’s why your HydraFacial treatment is tailored to your skin, effectively addressing your specific needs. With a HydraFacial being carried out every 15 seconds, it’s unsurprisingly become the facial to get, with celebrities, bloggers and skin experts alike all loving the treatment.

So, what are you waiting for? Book yours today.

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What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is an award-winning skin treatment that offers the ultimate detoxifying, cleansing and hydrating experience. It supports long term skin health and is tailored to meet the specific needs of your skin, ensuring you’ll feel the benefit instantly. With no downtime or irritation, it’s the ideal treatment for those looking to boost their skin.

How does HydraFacial work?

HydraFacial works by removing dead skin cells and extracting impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturising serums. Using advanced, patented vortex technology, the treatment deeply cleanses the skin while delivering botanical ingredients, including nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc and magnesium peptides, to where they can do the most good.

On top of all of this, HydraFacial also delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract skin damage caused by free radicals from pollution, sun and stress, all of which can degrade the skin and accelerate the ageing process.

What skin conditions can HydraFacial treat?

HydraFacial is perfect for maintaining healthy skin, but it can also treat a variety of common skin concerns:

  • Dry skin – Using hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants to penetrate the skin, the HydraFacial leaves you feeling smooth and hydrated.
  • Dull skin – HydraFacial can revive dull skin, leaving it looking simply glowing through its extensive hydrating and cleansing process.
  • Acne – Thanks to its incredible range of botanical ingredients and cleansing process, HydraFacial can effectively combat mild acne.
  • Pigmentation – HydraFacial can effectively reduce the visibility of skin pigmentation through dermabrasion.

Our Treatments

Here at Koha, we offer a range of HydraFacial treatments, all aimed at addressing key skin concerns, to ensure you can find the best treatment for you.

HydraFacial Express

Our HydraFacial Express treatment is ideal for those looking to care for their skin while contending with a busy schedule. In just half an hour, enjoy all of the key benefits of HydraFacial and leave with skin feeling, and looking, hydrated and revitalised.

Skin Health for Life

Using super-serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid, the Skin Health for Life HydraFacial treatment boosts hydration while protecting the skin from environmental damage, leaving skin feeling renewed and invigorated.

Anti-Ageing DermaBuilder

The Anti-Ageing HydraFacial is a targeted treatment that uses the DermaBuilder multi-peptide anti-ageing serum to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also enhancing elasticity, leaving skin feeling plump and youthful.

Pigmentation Reduction with Brightenol

Clinically proven to minimise the appearance of brown spots, the Pigmentation Reduction HydraFacial uses the Brightenol Vortex-Booster to awaken dull skin and target dark spots and sun-damaged areas, leaving skin glowing with a more even complexion.

Acne and Congested Skin

The Acne and Acne Scarring HydraFacial reduces the build-up of excess oils and improves scarring through deeper exfoliation, using natural salicylic acid and the application of different strengths of Glysal Peel, leaving skin feeling fresher and less irritated.

What Our Customers Think

Wonderful staff

I wouldn’t have my HydraFacials anywhere else! Wonderful staff, very professional and friendly in such beautiful and relaxing premises. They offer a great range of treatments at very reasonable prices.

Samantha Roullier, August 2020

Wonderful Hydrafacial

Received a wonderful HydraFacial at Koha. Staff all very friendly and knowledgeable. Lovely calming surroundings.

Terry Brooks, December 2020

Highly recommend!

Koha is a very professionally run clinic. I’ve had a great experience having a skin consultation with Fortunata who was lovely and so knowledgeable, explaining everything clearly and in great detail. By her recommendation, I decided to have the individually tailored HydraFacial and after just the first treatment, my skin felt instantly smoother, fresher, more hydrated and radiant. This beautiful clinic is a calm, tranquil and relaxed environment where you’ll feel well looked after and welcomed. Highly recommend!

Szilvia Kidd, July 2019

Incredible salon

Incredible salon, stunning décor and A M A Z I N G HydraFacial! Wish I’d found you prior to my wedding in June! And fab fab therapist and Clinic Manger. Can’t wait to book in later this month!

Natalie Logan, September 2019

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The Treatment

Step 1 – Consultation

Before your first treatment, we’ll assess your skin, looking at your skin’s specific needs and concerns. We’ll then use this information to tailor your HydraFacial to best suit your skin’s needs. We’ll also run through the treatment, and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2 – Your Treatment

The HydraFacial treatment uses a pen-like device that features interchangeable tips. This is passed repeatedly over your skin, carrying out different processes that revitalise your skin.

First, it will detox the skin using a specially formulated technique designed to increase circulation. Then, cleansing and exfoliation will take place, removing dead skin cells and other impurities. A brightening agent is then applied before blackheads are extracted using a natural combination of honey extract and salicylic acid.

Next, the skin will be hydrated using a combination of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides. The last step is to rejuvenate the skin with an LED light, designed to stimulate collagen, reduce redness and eliminate bacteria.

The whole treatment is designed to be relaxing and completely pain-free.

Step 3 – Aftercare

After a HydraFacial treatment, it’s essential to continue to protect your skin by wearing SPF30 daily and avoid any type of exfoliating treatment such as glycolic acid or enzymes in the area for 48 hours after.

You should also avoid heat from showers, saunas or intense cardio for 24 hours following treatment. We also recommend to not apply make up immediately after treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HydraFacial feel like?

The HydraFacial treatment is pain-free and comfortable. For some, it can feel like a slightly warm sensation during the cleansing process, while others don’t notice anything. During the latter, hydrating steps of the treatment, it can feel cool, just like dabbing water on the skin.

What problems can HydraFacial treat?

HydraFacial treatments can be perfect for tackling common skin concerns such as dull or dry skin, acne and pigmentation. It can also reduce the signs of ageing by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin.

Are there side effects or downtime?

There are very minimal side effects to the HydraFacial treatment; however, some may experience skin peeling after an advanced facial. This is completely natural, and a key sign that your facial is working.

There is no downtime following a HydraFacial; however, for more advanced treatments, your clinician may recommend that you avoid wearing make up for a couple of hours.

How long do HydraFacial treatments take?

Most HydraFacial treatments last for 45-60 minutes, but a 30-minute express treatment is available for those with a hectic schedule.

How long to HydraFacial results last?

Results from a HydraFacial will be instantly visible, and, after further treatments, will become progressively better.

How often should I have a HydraFacial?

Monthly HydraFacial treatments will provide the most consistent results. However, if you’re looking for significant results over a shorter period, weekly treatments would be advisable.

Is HydraFacial suitable for men?

HydraFacials are perfectly suited for male skin, and can effectively target key skin concerns, such as oily skin, acne and razor burn.