Skin Peels

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Dermaquest Professional Peels are some of our most innovative and effective treatments, mindfully crafted with the most important skincare concerns as our highest priority.

Proven to transform, revive and rejuvenate, our results-driven formulations range from therapeutic masks to powerful rescue operations, serving as a testament to DermaQuest’s unparalleled advancements in skincare.

Available Treatment Protocols

ACNE TREATMENT GRADE 1( MINIMUM 3 Months Program) – Occasional Breakouts

Grade 1 acne affects all skin types—dry, normal, and oily. A few blackheads or spots may appear on oily skin. Preventative home care will be recommended to help with potential breakouts and maximise treatment results.

This treatment will increase cellular turnover, diminish inflammation and prevent acne breakouts while nourishing your skin with the very best ingredients.

ACNE TREATMENT GRADE 2 ( MINIMUM 3-6 Months Program)- Break outs most of the time

Grade 2 acne can be very frustrating. Those who suffer from it will typically have tried many regimes and over-the-counter products. Breakouts are mostly spots and some blackheads on oily skin. If hormonally induced, this acne can be difficult to control, but can be managed with proper treatment.

This treatment will deeply exfoliate your skin, increasing cellular turnover, controlling inflamed spots and the redness associated with blemishes, all while preventing acne breakouts and nourishing your skin with the very best ingredients.

ACNE TREATMENT GRADE 3 ( MINIMUM 6-12 Months Program)- Breakouts all the time

Grade 3 acne needs aggressive treatment to reduce it to Grade 2 as quickly as possible. The key to success with Grade 3 acne cases is commitment to both a home care regime, utilising our targeted products, and the professional care in the clinic.

Hydrating products are important for home care and during treatments, as treatment-induced dehydration can cause significant renewed acne activity.

Available Age Management Protocols

AGE MANAGEMENT TREATMENT STAGE 2( MINIMUM 3-6 Months Program)- A hint of fine lines around the eyes, and only during facial movement, firm skin with good elasticity

At this stage of the aging process, most people exhibit less oil production in the skin as well as less elasticity with shallow wrinkles around the eyes becoming evident. The eye area can begin to lose tone and wrinkles deepen visibly as time progresses. Pigmentation problems may surface due to sun exposure and hormonal changes. Along with treatments to stimulate collagen and elastin production, adding an enhanced exfoliant to the home care regime to remove dead cells is important to stimulate cell turnover.

AGE MANAGEMENT STAGE 3 ( MINIMUM 6-12 Months Program)- Fine lines become fully developed; a hint of actual wrinkles in expression areas; pronounced deepening of smile lines; some loss of firmness and elasticity of the neck, lower face, eye area, and forehead

At this stage, wrinkles are apparent around the eyes and mouth. Skin on the face, chin and neck begins to sag. The skin loses its plumpness and tone. As time progresses, the skin becomes drier, wrinkles deepen, sagging increases and irregular pigmentation can become more apparent. The skin around the eyes loses tone and requires special treatment.

AGE MANAGEMENT STAGE 4 ( MINIMUM 6-12 Months Program)- Developed wrinkles; smile lines and pronounced forehead lines; loss of firmness and elasticity to the forehead, neck, lower face and eye areas.

At this stage, smile lines deepen dramatically and sagging in the neck becomes more pronounced. Depending on genetics and quality of care in previous decades, wrinkles of varying depths are evident around the eyes, face and neck.

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