Skincare is so important at any age, and the earlier you start taking care of it, the better it will look for longer. Fortunately for women in their twenties, there is a luxury skin clinic in Berkhamsted that can support both the removal of skin blemishes, treatments for skin conditions such as acne, and the promotion of excellent skin health, all by the friendly team at Koha.

Skin Clinic Berkhamsted

Did you know that your skin is the single largest organ your body has and one of the most vulnerable? Unlike other organs such as the heart or lungs, it’s on the outside of your body and faces all the challenges the environment throws at it.

Not only that, but things like hormonal imbalances can cause it to lose resilience and become dry, dull and without a healthy glow. While it might seem like something that happens in middle age, it can start to happen a lot earlier than this. This is why visiting a skin clinic in your twenties will be beneficial.

Treat the Appearance of Fine Lines

Fine lines start to appear when you are in the mid to late twenties and definitely once you are in your thirties. This means that combating them from an early stage is a smart move.

The way to stop those natural fine lines from becoming deep wrinkles is to focus on areas with lower collagen production while you are in your twenties. You’ll find that these are the areas where the skin is looser, for instance, around the eyes and mouth or the neck.

Collagen boosting treatments like skin peels can help to brighten the skin and offset this natural process. Microdermabrasion and retinoids can also help. Chat with an expert at a skin clinic for personalised advice.

Combat Sun Damage

While we are all more aware of the potential damage that the sun can have on our skin, it is also hard to altogether avoid it. This is why your regular skincare routine should include applying sunscreen with an SPF 30.

If you see signs of sun damage, no matter what precautions you’ve taken, then seeing someone in a skin clinic is essential, regardless of your age. A combination of skincare, diet and even exercise can combat the sun’s damage when actioned early enough.

Great Skin Starts at Koha

Skin cell turnover takes a downward spiral once you are in your 20s, which means that skin will become duller in appearance. Having the right daily skincare routine can combat this problem and boost levels. Antioxidant-rich serums can help remove dead skin cells, while cleansing milk can balance your complexion and clear away the debris attached to your skin that you can’t see.

However, it is also essential to have the right products.

The Right Treatments & Products

It can be tempting to grab some of these ultra-rich creams and lotions designed for older skin and hope that you get more benefits by using the young. But this doesn’t really work because younger skin needs different things.

So, work with a skin clinic to get the right products for your skin will be a key way to combat the effects of life on your skin, even in your twenties!