From Anti-wrinkle injections to Hydrafacials, the range of treatments to help women look and feel great about themselves is growing and fillers are high in popularity on the ‘tweakment menu’. What if you have always wanted slightly bigger lips, today with modern fillers there is no reason why modern women can’t have it all – including the lips they have always wanted!

Koha is a skin clinic in Berkhamsted that specialises in getting the results women (and men) want to see in a luxe but still clinical grade setting and they offer great lip fillers. Women have been having lip treatments for decades, but they really exploded in popularity around 2016, with lip fillers being seen as more acceptable as a procedure, and much less of a ‘big deal’ than other types of cosmetic procedures.

Who Started the Trend?

While lip fillers have been used by celebrities for a long time, the most obvious lip fillers have sometimes been disastrous (for example, you could look at Leslie Ash, who unfortunately had botched lip fillers in 2002).

More recently, many people associate lip fillers with Kylie Jenner. When Kylie admitted in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that her newly full lips were the result of fillers and not make-up, the demand for similar treatments skyrocketed. Other celebrities, like Jordan Price, openly admit that they love lip fillers, and they continue to soar in popularity.

Tweakments are Normal

While fillers have been seen in the past as a choice for only the rich and celebrities, now it is very common that all women (and men) who want to improve their looks or how they feel about how they look have fillers on a regular basis. Getting your lips done is now nearly as common as getting a haircut, a manicure or a facial and millions of women have this treatment on a regular basis as part of their normal beauty routine.

What Do People Think About Lip Fillers?

Some people do judge others for having cosmetic procedures of any kind. However, the main public attitude towards lip fillers (and cosmetic procedures generally) is improving. People are more accepting of lip fillers and see them as a common procedure.

While some people prefer very big, full lips, the trend for this does seem to be shifting slightly. Some women now prefer just a subtle increase to their natural lip size. It’s fairly quick to do, and the results can be great for many women.

Increased Popularity of Natural Style

One of the main reasons lip fillers have become the ‘Tweakment’ of choice for so many women is that they now look so natural. Gone are the days of wanting the biggest lips possible, it is now about enhancing what you already have and making you look your best natural self. With just a little help from the expert team at Koha.

Lip Fillers in Berkhamsted

Koha is a skin clinic in Berkhamsted that offers fillers of all kinds including lip fillers, whether you want to increase the size of your lips or just enhance your natural shape, the experienced clinical team at Koha will ensure you get the results you want and look and feel fantastic!