If you have been thinking about getting facial fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, you’re far from the only one. There is a sudden surge in facial filler requests, and there is a pretty big reason for that!

Dermal Fillers Berkhamsted

Put simply: lockdown, combined with the stress of the last eighteen months or so, has caused a surge of interest in filler treatments.

Months of working from home have left a lot of us feeling flat, bored, and fed up. Coming out of lockdown is exciting and stressful – it feels like starting again after a long stretch of time away from everyone else. Many people want to look their best, and fillers are a quick, effective option for a pick-me-up.

We’ve also been staring at our faces for an unreasonable amount of time. As a result, many people have started noticing small things that they would like to improve and would like an opportunity to look a bit fresher after months of frowning at screens.

Aesthetic beauty treatments and therapies are hugely in demand post-lockdown. With people searching for a fresh start, fillers are increasing in popularity too. So if you are worried about your frown lines, you may want to book yourself an appointment with the expert team at Koha sooner rather than later.

Popular Filler Treatments

Some popular areas of treatment include the neck, jawline, eyes, and forehead. Softening the lines around the eyes and lips are a common choice for a more youthful look. Lips and cheeks can also benefit from fillers. Whether you want to enhance or amend an area you do not like or smooth out lines and wrinkles, fillers are an excellent treatment choice.

The Surprising Side Benefits of Fillers

While some presume that fillers are purely an aesthetically driven choice, facial fillers have some fantastic advantages that you may not know about. For example, stress is a massive problem for many people, and fillers can help mitigate some of the problems caused by jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Some strategically placed fillers can help relieve that tension, which can alleviate tension headaches and help you look more relaxed.

Some studies have shown that fillers can help with our mental health. While this is a new area of study, our facial expressions may be linked to how we feel. For example, smiling more often could actually help us to feel happier, while frowning may increase sadness or stress. Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections in the forehead can prevent you from frowning as often, disrupting the feedback loop, making us feel sad.

Fillers as a ‘Tweakment’

A ‘tweakment’ is a minor cosmetic procedure. They are fast and relatively painless, with minimal side effects, and fillers tick all those boxes. It is a short procedure and can be done very subtly – many people want to feel a bit fresher after months indoors, and a minor filler treatment can look very natural. A qualified practitioner can apply Botox in a way that still allows you to move your face fully and still look (and feel) like yourself.