If you are looking for a very effective anti-ageing treatment, then Micro Needling may be the treatment for you. A relatively new procedure first explored in 1995 but the advancement in technology and the wider awareness of this treatment from social media channels makes this treatment one of the most asked for.

Micro Needling in a Nutshell

This treatment’s name is a good description of what happens when you choose to have it. Small (micro) needles are used to gently penetrate the skin leaving small wounds on the very top layer. This in tern triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin to treat the wounds and so leaves your skin looking and feeling younger and smoother. It is used as an anti-ageing treatment but also helps improve the look of stretchmarks, sun damaged skin and acne scarring.

How does Micro Needling work?

There is a device known as a Dermaroller, which is a small facial rolling device which is fitted with lots of tiny short needles, designed to prick the skin to encourage regrowth and rejuvenation. There are also more complex machines (some made by our go to brand Cadela) which deliver the microneedles in a different way but to much the same effect.

Why we like Micro Needling

Micro Needling is having quite an impact for many clients who come to the Koha Skin Clinic in Berkhamsted looking for advice on how to treat their skin ailments. Here are some of the reasons we like Micro Needling:

  • It offers quite immediate results – you can see the skin plumping very quickly
  • It offers longer term relief – In a 2008 study shows that the treatment is also effective over time.
  • It can stimulate hair growth – A new way of using this treatment is to try it near hair follicles and they have had some success.
  • New Micro Needling devices are being created to target cellulite and other things like saggy skin.
  • You can pair Micro Needling with anti-ageing serums.

Downsides to using Micro Needling

If you have Micro Needling done under the expert eye of a skin specialist, then there is no reason you can’t have regular and successful sessions. Problems that could occur could be:

It can cause broken capillaries – if it is used too frequently you may also get a ‘plastic look’

Be kind to your skin after Micro Needling – it will need it as it can be a little painful to have this procedure done.

Micro Needling Berkhamsted

We offer Micro Needling at our skin clinic in Berkhamsted. Micro needling is also used for improving stretchmarks, acne scarring, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and sun damaged skin. If you would like to try this revolutionary treatment, then make an appointment for a skin consultation with our expert team today.