Intravenous nutrient therapy has become the secret weapon for many well-known names including Brad Pitt and Madonna, and it is now available at the Koha Clinic in Berkhamsted. It has long been known how important vitamins and minerals are to are overall health and well-being, and it has also been known that we often don’t get the nutrients we need in our daily diet, IV nutrition therapy is here to support your overall wellbeing and target areas of concern.

IV Nutrition Drips in Berkhamsted

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients as the different types act and support different areas of our bodies. Not having the right amount or combination of nutrients in our bodies can be detrimental to our overall health, and the right combinations of nutrients can help support areas such as weight loss or increased energy.

IV drip therapy offers a way to get a range of nutrients intravenously, in the relaxing surroundings of our Berkhamsted Clinic. IV nutrition therapy is a rising trend as many people respond better to IV nutrition when compared with oral supplements. When you receive nutrients through an IV drip, it delivers the nutrients directly into the bloodstream bypassing obstacles to absorption like the digestive system.

In addition, our IV nutrition options are highly targeted to your specific area of need, from an all-round optimum wellness option to selecting a drip designed to support weight loss or energy boosting.

IV Nutrition Drip Options

Here are some of the IV drip treatment options available at Koha in Berkhamsted, all delivered in luxury surroundings by our in-house team of medical professionals.

IV Modified Myers Plus – This is a treatment targeting just the right combination of vitamins and minerals for optimum wellness. The original intravenous nutrient therapy drip – ‘Help fight those free radicals’ with the IV cocktail that started it all!

IV Advanced Energiser – This drip is designed to get your energy flowing. For those that need a bigger energy boost described as ‘The ultimate power hit’,

IV Performance Booster Plus – A performance boosting nutrient cocktail packed with energy including boosting B vitamins and amino acids – Rediscover your get up and go!

IV Immuno Booster – An IV nutritional drip that helps boots your immune systems performance and starts to ‘Reboot your system’

IV Amino Muscle Plus – Designed for those with an active lifestyle, this IV nutrient drip has a high concentration of amino acids – ‘Powering you to peak performance’

IV Hair Nourishment – This is an IV nutrient drip that targets the needs of your hair to improve condition inside and out – ‘Hair nourishment and shine’

IV Fat Burner Plus – This is a special blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids delivered by an IV nutrient drip to help you achieve detoxification and fat burning – ‘Gorgeous on the outside’

IV Procaine – An IV nutrient drip that is packed with vitamins to support anti-ageing, with this special formula – ‘The ultimate anti-ageing infusion’

IM Shot B-12 – This is a Methylcobalamin B12 SHOT which is designed to boost energy and speed up the metabolism.

IM Shot Biotin – This shot contains Biotin (Vitamin H) to supplement and support healthy hair and nails.

IM Shot B-Complex – A shot to boost the metabolism and energy containing all the B vitamins needed for this.

To find out more about this revolutionary therapy or to select an appointment, book a consultation with our Koha team today and get the nutrient balance right for you.