Ageing is normal, but the effects of ageing on our skin do not have to be inevitable. From wrinkles to age spots to less tight skin, everyone ages in their own unique way and the treatments available for the signs of ageing change depending on what you want to treat.

Dermal Filler Treatment Berkhamsted

Koha is a skin specialist clinic in Berkhamsted who specialise in treating the signs of ageing in a relaxed and professional environment. Our skilled skin specialists will take the time to understand what treatments will work best to target areas of concern and provide a treatment plan unique to your skin.

Treatment for Jowels and Jawline

One of the main signs of ageing is the skin loosing elasticity, especially around the jowls. Whilst you may have heard of the term jowls, you might not know what they mean or how to get rid of them.

If you have ever looked at your face in the mirror and realised that you have some sagging, loose skin below your jawline? If you have, then these are jowls and they occur in most people as they get older and the skin loses its youthful elasticity.

Ageing is the most common reason that jowls will develop, however, there are also other reason that they can develop as well as things that make them look worse. Genetics is one reason that jowls can develop, as studies have shown that some people are genetically more likely to develop jowls than others.

You may also find that you develop jowls if you are someone who spends a lot of time in the sun (without wearing sunscreen) or if you are smoker. You may even find that you are at a higher risk of jowls simply because you are someone who sleeps on their side every single night.

Dermal Fillers and Jowls

You may already have decided that jowls are not something that you are going to want to develop on your face. So, what can you do about them? The good news is that there are things that you can do to minimise the chances of jowls developing or, if they have developed, then that they look as good as possible.

How do Dermal Fillers Work?

One of the most common treatments that you can try out is dermal fillers. But how do they work? During a dermal filler procedure, a medically developed solution will be injected directly under your skin, in the neck and chin area where the skin has started to sag. The needle is super fine and is going to ensure that your facial features are enhanced as well as fill in and plump those areas of skin that are starting to look at little on the saggy side.

If you have dermal fillers, then you can expect to see that your jowls will appear smoothly, that they will appear contoured and that they will also tone your jowls too. All of these things will help to define your features and ensure that you look as young and as beautiful as possible.