Laser hair removal is the one treatment that everyone wants. Mostly painless, and long-lasting reducing hair by laser is now top on many beauty to-dos lists. Reducing and eventually removing the need for waxing, threading, plucking and shaving, laser hair reduction has never been more popular.

Laser Hair Removal Berkhamsted

Everyone is different and so it follows that each person’s laser hair reduction treatment is as individual as they (and their hairs) are. From one or two sessions, to multiple treatments on the same area, the amount of time it takes to remove hair by laser is different for everyone and varies depending on the darkness and thickness of hair types and even body area.

Laser Hair Removal of Facial Hair

Hair removal on the face is very common for many women, darker hairs coming through under the chin, on the side of the face and on top of the lip can make women feel extremely self-conscious and so laser hair removal of facial hairs is one of the most common requests.

Laser Hair Removal on Legs

Imagine if you never had to shave your legs again! That is the goal when having laser hair removal on your legs. Getting rid of all the hairs can take time, depending on the thickness and growth cycle of your hairs, and you will probably have to return annually to keep the results up, but imagine all the time, money and effort you could save if you never had to shave your legs again!

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

Many women decide that they want to remove the hair around their bikini line. This can of course be waxed or shaved off but waxing in this intimate area can be painful and shaving will cause irritation in the skin so the long-term benefits of having a smooth and fuzz free bikini line are clear.

Underarm hair

Wanting to wear a sleeveless top, go swimming unexpectedly or just feel confident at the gym, then getting laser hair removal to remove your underarm hair is a great idea. Popular in both women and many men, it is a quick treatment to remove make your life so much easier.

Chest hair

It is common to think that only men will have chest hair (and in turn will want to have it removed) but this can be an issue for women too. Waxing is a more common approach to take to removing chest hair, but this can be painful, and the results don’t last as long as with laser hair removal. It is easier to remove chest hair that is fair and fine, however, it is still possible to remove chest hair that is thicker and darker.

Berkhamsted Skin Clinic

Laser hair removal is an incredibly freeing treatment for many people as not having to worry about hair showing and hair growth and removal on a daily basis is a perfect match for their lifestyle. The expert team at Koha in Berkhamsted give great advice on how to get the results you are looking for.