When it comes to shaving around 99% of all women remove hair from at least one part of their body. Around 60% of men regularly remove hair from a part of their body that is below their neckline. Whether you are shaving or waxing. Going to a salon or doing it at home. This all adds up. Whilst you may think that laser hair removal is expensive when you compare it to other methods the total cost soon diminishes.

Total Costs

For the average woman, it is estimated that she spends around 8 total weeks of her life spent in removing unwanted hair. This can cost anywhere from around £10,000-£20,000 depending on the methods used. In addition to this cost to her, the cost to the environment is also huge. The disposable plastic razors, blades, shaving cremes, waxes, strips and all sorts of other tools all leave a lasting impact on the environment and need to be disposed of. Whilst laser hair treatments do cost, they don’t have to be performed as often as other methods and they take a lot less time. This means that throughout your life you will save money.

The Advantages

When it comes to laser hair removal the technology has been well developed. It is targeted to affect only the hair follicles. This makes it safer than waxing or shaving. It doesn’t just have to be at a salon either, you can get well developed and safe home laser removal kits. Laser hair removal also eliminates the possibility of ingrowing hairs as well. Not only that but sometimes laser hair removal is used to treat in growing hairs. Laser hair removal is also quick. It is estimated that it only takes around 20 mins to target a bikini line. The other advantage that advocates love is that you can treat any length of hair. With waxing, you have wait until there is sufficient hair growth for the waxing to be effective. This normally means a wait of at least two weeks between treatments. Laser hair removal can be done on any length of hair.

Safe and Painless

The other great advantage of laser hair removal is that it is virtually painless. When you compare this to other methods, such as waxing. This can be quite painful particularly on sensitive areas of the body. Laser hair removal works well on every part of the body. So, whether you want to use it on unwanted hair you notice just before a job interview, or you are heading to the beach and need to sort out your bikini line you will be ready to go. The other benefit is that some treatments can be permanent. This means that once you have had it done you will never need to revisit the problem. This can save you a fortune in repeat beauty treatments. So, when you look at the total cost you would spend on hair removal across your life this is one of the cheapest solutions.