Excess hair can be unpleasant and distressing and difficult to routinely remove. For those who have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) laser hair removal can offer a great and effective treatment for unwanted excess hair.

What is PCOS

Many women have PCOS, it is caused by a hormonal issue, and excessive hair growth is one of the main symptoms of this, and one that many women want to remove. PCOS affects every woman differently and it should be diagnosed and discussed with your GP. It has many different symptoms and can include:

  • The gaining of weight
  • Unwanted extra hair growth – normally on the face, chest or abdomen.
  • Oily skin
  • Acne
  • Periods that are irregular
  • Difficulty conceiving
  • Hair loss
  • Other later life health problems including type 2 diabetes and higher cholesterol.

It affects a woman’s ovaries and the hormones that control the release of eggs. Because there are higher levels of androgen hormones, it is this which causes the symptoms above including excessive hair growth.

Embarrassing Excessive Hair Growth

PCOS can cause excessive hair growth on the face and body and cause embarrassment and anxiety for some women. Many women turn to shaving or waxing to remove the hair, but this can make irritate the skin, and make it a daily reminder of the PCOS. Laser hair removal is a great option for women with PCOS as it can be a quick and effective treatment.

Laser Hair Removal For PCOS

Having excessive facial hair can be uncomfortable and embarrassing and take up too much time trying to remove on a daily basis. Whether you try to keep on top of it with plucking, use waxing, threading, saving or using hair removal creams, these all have an effect on the skin and also these are not permanent solutions and you will have to repeat the process to keep the hair tamed, under control and you feeling confident about your face.

Laser hair removal is the best options for removing unwanted hair on a more permanent basis. Compared to those other techniques of hair removal, you will see a reduction in the unwanted hairs of up to 90% which is a big relief for most people with unwanted hair.

When you have laser hair removal for unwanted hair, the hair often grows back softer and lighter, if it grows back at all. Laser hair removal will stop ingrowing hairs, uncomfortable shaving nicks, and that stubble feeling when the hair returns. As it is a long-term option for hair removal it will not only save you time but also money over the long term. Laser can be used on most areas of the body including lips, chin, jawlines, cheeks, and anywhere else unwanted hair is appearing.

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