The team at Koha are experts in skincare, and while the easiest way to get great skin and treat problem areas is to have a treatment at our luxury skin clinic in Berkhamsted, superfoods can also give your skin an extra boost.

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Not only are superfoods great for your body, they’re also incredible for your hair and skin, too. If the cold weather, central heating and junk food has left your skin looking a bit dull, now is a great time to make some changes.

Here are a few superfoods you can try this year to bring a bit of glow back to your skin:

Superfood – Salmon

We all know how good omega-3 fatty acids are for our health in general. It’s great for heart health and anti-ageing. It’s also excellent at improving collagen production, which can help to decrease signs of ageing and reduce fine lines. It’s also great for people who suffer from eczema, as it helps to strengthen the skin and keep moisture in – which is especially important in the winter. Omega-3 also fights redness and irritation. As you can see, it’s a true superfood.

Superfood – Eggs

Eggs are also great for the skin. If your skin is looking a bit tired and dull, it can help to bring some brightness and glow back, thanks to the high vitamin D content. This increases cell turnover and oxygen circulation, which is excellent for brightening the skin. The protein found in eggs is helpful for collagen and elastin production, too.

Superfood – Ginger

Ginger is excellent for colds and sore throats, but it’s great for the skin, too. It slows the breakdown of collagen, which is good for skin elasticity. It can even help to prevent damage from pollution, so if have a long commute every day or you live in a busy city, ginger could be the antioxidant your skin is looking for. It also increases blood circulation, which brings a fresh glow back to your skin. Add some ginger to your morning smoothies, cook up a ginger and lentil curry, or try a ginger shot in the mornings to increase your daily dose.

Superfood – Sweet Potatoes

One easy way to increase beta carotene in your diet is to occasionally swap your regular baked potatoes for sweet potatoes. While we love a jacket potato, sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A, which is a wonder ingredient for the skin. If you’re suffering from a lot of mask-related breakouts, try eating more sweet potatoes.

Superfood – Wholegrains

Wholegrains are great for regulating energy. If you find yourself having an energy surge followed by a crash after eating white pasta or rice, switching to wholegrains can help. This can also help your skin, as the high fibre content can improve eczema and rosacea. Plus, wholegrains may be easier on your digestive system too.

Superfood – Berries

Throwing a handful of berries into your smoothie or porridge in the mornings could help to improve your skin. They can help to control free radicals, which is great for preventing signs of ageing. Berries can also help to reduce inflammation, so if your skin is suffering from redness or breakouts, it’s worth a try.