If you have avoided wearing lipstick for the past year or so, you’re not the only one! Masks and lipsticks don’t always work, and removing smudged lipstick is a pain. However, now that things are opening up again, we can tentatively look forward to less mask-wearing in the future. This may explain why plump, colourful lips are the next big beauty trend for 2021.

Oscars Trend in Big Colourful Lips

Nowhere was this reflected more obviously than the Oscars ceremony. This year, lipstick was a huge feature, from Vanessa Kirby’s oxblood lips to Celeste’s classic cherry red. We also saw burgundy and plum – bold, rich, dramatic colours for full Hollywood glamour. Perfect after months of hiding under a mask, and ideal if you are still working remotely and want to shake up your look for your next Zoom meeting.

Luscious Lips

Whether you decide to go for a satin finish or more of a balm formula, it is time to dust off your old lipsticks – or treat yourself to some new ones. If you are hesitant to commit to a bold colour, you can try lipstick with a buildable formula, building up to the boldest shade. It is also worth looking out for long-wearing shades, which are booming in popularity, and may come in handy if mask-wearing continues throughout the summer.

Lip Enhancement Berkhamsted

With bold lips making a comeback, you may be tempted to invest in fillers to plump out your lips. The experts at Koha Skin Clinic in Berkhamsted have plumped and shaped hundreds of lips and can get you the results you are looking for. From a significant transformation to a subtle change, lip enhancements can make a real difference to the way you look and feel!

Here are some great advantages to lip enhancement:

It Can Be Subtle – Lip filler can be very subtle. Just a small amount can make the lips appear fuller whilst still looking natural. Speak to your practitioner if you are nervous – you can take it very slowly with a tiny amount at a time to see how you like it. The Koha team are experts in getting the results that you want.

It’s Relatively Painless – Lip fillers are administered with a very fine needle. You can expect to feel back to normal quickly, and you shouldn’t feel too much discomfort afterwards. You can take paracetamol afterwards to help with any lingering soreness.

It’s Fairly Long-Lasting – Lip fillers can last from 6-8 months, which means you won’t have to worry about going back too often. The team at Koha can advise on how regularly you will need to return for the look of lips you want.

Preparation is Easy – You don’t have to do much to prepare for lip fillers – just make sure to avoid retinol, retinoids, or any other anti-ageing skincare products two days prior. You should also avoid alcohol for 24 hours beforehand.

Lovely, luscious lips are only an appointment away; you can book a consultation now to discuss how best to get the look you are looking for, and look forward to bright, gorgeous lips!