One of the most neglected places for modern anti-ageing treatments is the neck. Your neck is so important to the way you showcase yourself and can impact the clothing choices you make. Our faces have often had a lot of attention when it comes to creams and treatments, so now is the time to extend that attention to your decolletage area.

Neck Attention

If you have only just started to consider that your neck area needs as much attention as your face, then you are not alone. As skin ages, it can become loose, dry and can look dull and the skin on and around our necks is just as prone to the signs of ageing as other areas of our face.

Neck Treatments

Koha is a luxury skin clinic in Berkhamsted that specialises in making people feel great again about their skin. Using the latest in technology and techniques, the expert medical team at Koha can smooth lines, treat problem areas and reduce the signs of ageing for every individual.

Youthful Glow – Profhilo

Until recently, many of the treatments on other problem areas of the skin were not as effective on the neck area. However, with the introduction of Profhillo, this is no longer a concern. This treatment is a great tool to treat the neck and decolletage, and even for the upper arms and hands, where it can create an incredible youthful glow.

What is Profhilo?

Unlike anti-ageing injections or dermal fillers, Profhilo provides the skin with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring acid that hydrates the skin while improving its tone, elasticity and texture, making it perfect for treating a sagging neck area.

As skin ages, it can lose its firmness and elasticity and become dry and dull. To combat this, Profhilo hydrates the skin while nourishing from the inside out, giving your skin a refreshed, youthful glow. Hyaluronic acid is safe for the skin. Once administered, it stimulates collagen and elastin production, affecting the overall skin rather than specifically targeting areas like other injectables.

Why Profhilo for Neck Treatments

Because Profhilo isn’t a traditional type of filler, it won’t have an effect on heavier lines. However, it is perfect for plumping out finer lines, adding elasticity and enhancing the skin with a soft texture change, extra firmness and a healthy dew like glow due to its rehydrating qualities.

The team at Koha can combine other treatments if you want to tackle both heavy lines and neck concerns. Profhilio is injected under the skin with tiny needles and then spreads, releasing the HA slowly while also stimulating your own collagen production to lift and tighten the areas you want.

Can I have Profhilio?

Most women will be able to have Profhilo to treat the sagging areas around their necks. This is most common in the over 40’s. This treatment is not thought of as painful, and appointments last around 60 minutes. The best way to know if Profhilo is right for you is to book a skin consultation with one of the team at Koha to discuss the right skin treatment for your individual circumstances.