If you have concerns about the way you look, if you have lines you would rather not have, or your skin does not look as glowing as it once did, the team at Koha can help you fall in love with your mirror all over again.

Fillers in Berkhamsted

Perhaps you are worried about wrinkles, or a little sagging around the eyes, or are generally not happy that your age is beginning to become all too obvious, and how you look. Avoiding or being exasperated with your reflection is not the answer, booking a skin consultation with the Koha team is. The team are experts in anti-wrinkle treatments including fillers and can help you reduce the signs of ageing and look younger, and help you get back to smiling when you see yourself in your mirror.

Experts in Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Koha Skin Clinic are experts in providing filler treatments in Berkhamsted, if you are thinking of having fillers for the first time and want advice or looking to target new areas then take some time to chat with the team to find the best skincare solution for you.

Fillers can be used in many ways including targeting specific areas There are certain regions of the face that respond well to small injections of fillers or other skincare treatments which often only take a few minutes to administer, the effects start to be seen within fast and they can last for many weeks.

Look Again in The Mirror

Whether you take the time to look in the mirror a little harder and make some notes on what you would like to make changes to, or whether you spend time with one of our Koha team members in a skin consultation, anti-wrinkle treatments including fillers can make a big difference to not only the way you look, but also the way you feel about yourself.

Here are some of the areas where fillers can be of most use:

Forehead Lines: Often an area that begins to wrinkle early on and becomes more apparent whenever you raise your eyebrows. Fillers can soften the look of this area making your forehead appear smoother and more youthful.

Frown Lines: These are a constant problem especially if you have a busy family life and stressful work life, making that balance very tricky! Fillers can help smooth these over and make your skin look plump and fresh.

Crow’s Feet: One of the big areas where people look for fillers to provide a solution. They can look cute when you laugh but as time moves on, they seem to get bigger and no longer disappear when you keep a straight face.

Other Areas: Around the eyes and forehead are not the only areas that fillers can provide a highly targeted solution. Nose to mouth lines and the fine lines that form around your lips, as well as the dimples on your chin, can all be treated effectively by small injectables in the affected areas.