Places you didn’t think you could get Laser Hair Removal and why you should consider them.

Hair removal can make a huge difference to the way people feel about themselves as if they think they have unsightly hair in places they shouldn’t it dents their confidence and they worry about it. Fortunately, there is laser hair removal, a fast and relatively painless way to remove most hair on the body, the effectiveness depends on your skin and hair type, but you can get advice from the great team at Koha anytime.

Berkhamsted Laser Hair Removal

When you talk about laser hair removal, there are a few places that people automatically think about.  Top of the list is the legs, underarms and the bikini area. And while these are definitely the most popular spots for hair removal, they aren’t the only ones. These areas can be a bit more worrying or embarrassing to talk about, but it can be easily removed.

So, if you think you need hair removal in any of these places, don’t be afraid to reach out as you are not alone:

Hair Removal – Centre of the abdomen

Lots of men have thicker hair along the centre of the abdomen but it is also common for women to see more hair in this area too.  This hair is often thicker and longer than on other parts of the body and you can feel very self-conscious of it.  That’s why laser hair removal is a good option to permanently remove it and allow you to wear a bikini or sports bra with more confidence.

Hair Removal – Sternum

This is another thing that is considered a male problem but that can be seen in women too.  It is most common in women with dark, coarse hair – the hair on the sternum is also darker and thicker than normal and this makes it more visible.  It is also quite a sensitive area and using wax or shaving can be uncomfortable, so a laser hair removal treatment is the best option.

Hair Removal – Fingers and toes

It is common for there to be hair on your hands and toes, but it is normally small, short and not easy to see.  If you find that you have noticeable hair, then a laser treatment is a quick and painless way to have it removed.  Then you will feel confident wearing those sandals when the warm weather comes around.

Hair Removal – Neck area

Another area where it is common for there to be hair is around the neck – that’s why men shave so often.  But in women, if it becomes more noticeable then a laser treatment to remove the hair is often the best way to offer a permanent solution and stop the hair growing back.

Hair Removal – Jawline

As we get older, a little fuzzy hair is common around the jawlines, but this can often turn coarse and therefore more noticeable.  Laser hair removal here is a great solution to the problem and stops it getting worse.  Even for guys, if they know they never want to grow a beard, this treatment can be ideal.

Hair Removal – Nipples

Hair growth around the nipples can be very irritating and the idea of using wax, tweezers or trying to shave the area will fill most of us with horror.  Therefore, laser treatment is the best solution and stops the hair re-growing.

Wherever you have unwanted hair, the team at Koha, a luxury skin clinic in Berkhamsted, will be able to give you the best advice on how to remove it so you feel happy and confident about the way you look. Book a consultation and get started on getting rid of that hair!