Have you heard of microblading? If not here is everything you need to know about this popular treatment, so if you are thinking about booking your first appointment, read this first!

What Exactly Is Microblading, Anyway?

Microblading is the process of delicately scratching small, hair-like lines onto the skin, using a tool that looks a bit like a pen. It uses medical-grade pigments to draw very natural lines. This gives beauty therapists an incredible amount of control, meaning that the resulting technique is very precise.

Microblading in Berkhamsted

Microblading allows beauty therapists to create a completely unique look for every client. This means that you can go for all sorts of different looks:

  • It’s great for creating thick, dramatic, structured brows
  • It’s also good for creating a very natural effect – think ‘my eyebrows, but better’
  • It’s good for filling in sparse patches – if you’ve ever over-plucked by accident, or you have natural bald spots in your eyebrows, these can be taken care of.

If you can find a good beauty therapist with a lot of experience in microblading, like the team at Koha, you could be in for a treat – it’s a really great way to create fantastic-looking brows.

What Will My Appointment Be Like?

Microblading appointments look a bit like this. First, your therapist may remove any stray hairs by threading them, making the area clean and prepared for treatment. Next, they will apply numbing cream – this helps to reduce discomfort. This can take up to 40 minutes to take effect, so in the meantime, your therapist may discuss colour options with you.

Your therapist will then use a tool to shape the eyebrows. An experienced therapist will understand bone structure and how to create the right eyebrows for your facial shape, taking your preferences into account.

Then, the needling process begins. Each stroke creates a small line in the skin, where the pigment will ‘settle’. After this is done, a final layer of pigment is added.

A microblading appointment can take up to 2 hours, so be prepared for that!

What is the Aftercare Like?

To maintain your brows, therapists recommend returning for a top-up session every 6-8 weeks. This won’t take as long as the original session, as it will involve topping up any faded lines with more pigment or adjusting the shape slightly if your therapist feels it is necessary.

You can expect the results to last between 12-18 months, depending on your skin type.

Does it Hurt?

It shouldn’t hurt, thanks to the numbing cream, but you will feel a slight sensation on your skin. Waiting for the numbing cream to kick in is the longest part of the appointment – the actual process of using the needle doesn’t actually last that long.

Will It Suit Me?

Yes, absolutely! We think microblading is a fantastic treatment that has the potential to suit everyone – whether you want a bit more shape or a whole new look, a good therapist will be able to work with you to get the results you want. The team at Koha can give you the best advice on the results you want to see from this popular treatment in Berkhamsted.