Being in lockdown does mean that your normal beauty regime may have to be on hold, however this does not stop you from planning your next anti-aging treatment. Whether this is the first time you have considered having anti-aging, or you have the treatment regularly this time spent away from everyone can give you the break you need to make a real plan for how you want to look and feel in the future.

Anti-Aging Berkhamsted

If you have been noticing a few fine lines when you look in the mirror that you have not seen before, or you would like your lips to be plumper or your cheeks to be fuller then an aesthetics treatment might be for you. Take a look at the full range of treatments at Koha Berkhamsted’s luxury skin clinic and make a note of treatments you are interested in.

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As it is quite likely Anti-aging treatments will be on your list, we have a few pointers on how to plan for your next anti-aging treatment below:

Decide where you want Anti-Aging – Koha offers anti-aging treatments on many areas of the face and body and offers discounts when you book more that one area so it is more cost effective to have more than one area treated at one time.

Target the areas that concern you – Perhaps you have noticed some smile lines around the eyes, or some frown lines on the forehead. anti-aging is also used to plump areas so if you want your lips to look fuller there is a treatment to help with that. When it is available book to have a consultation with our skin and anti-aging specialists and tell them the areas that concern you so you can discuss what can be done and what the expected results could be.

Advise of Any Medical Conditions – If you are planning on getting anti-aging then ensure you have a list of any medical condition and medications you are taking when you have your consultation. This is important so you can get the right advice on what is possible for your personal circumstances.

Timing is Everything – If you are choosing to have anti-aging to coincide with an event and you want to look your best, for example a wedding or milestone birthday or anniversary, then discuss this with the Koha team. This ensures you can time the results correctly and perhaps have a test run to make sure the results you want can be delivered.

Make an Appointment – Koha skin clinic in Berkhamsted hosts an experienced team and a luxury interior making it the best place to have anti-aging. When consultations and bookings are available again contact us for s discussion about your anti-aging requirements.

Anti-aging can not only give you looks a boost but your confidence too. Looking great is that start of feeling great, so give yourself a boost after lockdown and book your treatment in as soon as you are able. We look forward to seeing you again.