If you want smooth, glowing skin, you need to check out the HydraFacial.

Favoured by celebrities before red-carpet events, Hydrafacials are a great treatment if you really want to treat yourself. It doesn’t take too long, it’s relaxing, and it’s ideal for all kinds of skin conditions.

Hydrafacial Berkhamsted

It works like this: your skin will be cleansed to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. You’ll then receive a salicylic acid and glycolid acid treatment, to further remove any dirt and oil. With a freshly cleaned face, your practitioner will use a HydraPeel Tip, which will vacuum out blackheads and oil. At the same time, it’s going to be plumping your skin with serums.

How can a HydraFacial change your skin? Let’s look at the benefits.

Good for All Skin Types

Suffering with acne? Dealing with mature skin with lines and pigmentation problems? Desperately trying to get moisture back into your dry skin? A HydraFacial can help you out. Aside from active sunburn, rosacea, or rashes, it’s safe to get a HydraFacial for all types of skin.

It Can Help with Fine Lines and Ageing

HydraFacials are excellent for older skin. Using an anti-ageing serum, a HyrdaFacial can visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, and plump up the skin, which enhances your skin’s elasticity. This means you can expect to see tighter, brighter skin after treatment.

It Can Help with Acne

Acne is a stressful thing to deal with, but a HydraFacial can help. It can target dead skin cells, which could otherwise produce a blemish later on. It also helps to reduce bacteria on the skin, and clear out your clogged up pores.

If have scarring or hyperpigmentation from acne, a HydraFacial can help to smooth these out, reducing their appearance. It can also help your pores to appear smaller!

It Can Help Oily Skin

If you have oily skin and you’re concerned about the use of serums on your face, fear not. HydraFacials are also great for oily skin. The facial will give you a deep cleanse and exfoliation, removing dead skin cells to reveal healthy skin underneath. It can clear out your congested pores and leave you feeling glowy, shiny, and clean.

It Can Moisturize Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, a HydraFacial can really help. The exfoliation will help to remove flaky skin that might have been building up on your face, while the serums are packed with moisturizing ingredients.

It Has Minimal Side-Effects

Some facial treatments can leave you looking a bit red or puffy – not so with the HydraFacial. You’ll be able to see the benefits instantly, plus it’s comfortable, so you should come away feeling relaxed and pampered without having to grit your teeth through your treatment.

It’s best to enjoy the effects of a HydraFacial for the rest of your day – you can go ahead and put make-up on like normal the next day. The results last 5-7 days (or even longer in some cases) – why not give it a try?