Dermal Fillers for men is a new and rising trend that shows no signs of slowing. Once thought of traditionally as the preserve of women, and women only, men are now showing they are as open to having fillers as their women friends and family.

A recent survey states that as much as one in ten of all the people having fillers in Britain today are men and we can absolutely understand why they do! Fillers give both men and women a boost in confidence as it helps smooth out lines and add volume to the face and other areas of the body, making everyone look and feel great. Men having Fillers has given rise to the phrase ‘Brotox’ with many men now feeling as comfortable as everyone else to have these treatments.

Brotox is the new normal

Many men now have Fillers treatments, in their lunch hours or at weekends without their partners or friends even realising. But they do notice the increased confidence that Fillers gives these men as they choose to enhance their best features and reduce any signs of aging. Looking and feeling great is just as important to men as it is to women.

With many more celebrity men revealing that they have Fillers to improve their looks it is no wonder the Brotox revolution is growing. Improved looks, a sense of polish, increased confidence helps men (in the same way as everyone else) forge ahead in their love lives, career and helps with their mental wellbeing. With many famous men discussing how they keep looking great, this gives more confidence for the everyday man to not only have the quick treatments but also to discuss it more openly with their friends and colleagues.

Why do men have Dermal Fillers?

Many men, especially younger men, are very much aware of how anti-aging treatments can benefit their careers and long-term prosperity, for this reason many modern men are plan Fillers into their grooming schedules. By looking at before and after photographs of men who have had Fillers you can see the subtle and effective changes that can be achieved when handled by a Fillers professional, like the team at Koha Clinics in Berkhamsted. Many comments after men have had Fillers include that they look more relaxed and more confident, this is important to men who are forging a professional career where youthfulness or how polished they are is very important. In competitive industries, furrowed brows and frown lines can make men look less appealing and not as confident as you may actually.

In addition, men who are looking for a partner understand that how they look to a woman as a woman’s looks have traditionally been thought to a man. This does not mean men need lots of treatments but smoothing injections can give men a healthy, friendly look which is always more appealing than a furrowed grumpy look.

What do Dermal Fillers do for men?

Investing in physical appearance is now appealing to men as much as it does to women. It can enhance a sense of wellbeing, boost self-esteem and even improve mental health as it helps with a sense of personal satisfaction and being the best you can be. Having Fillers for many men can be a liberating experience, offering many rewards in both personal and work life.

Fillers may have begun as a treatment predominantly enjoyed by women but increasingly it is becoming a preferred lifestyle option for all types of men.