This may sound like an odd headline, but it’s true – Anti-Wrinkle treatments can actually help improve your mood.

The non-cosmetic uses of Anti-Wrinkle injections are well documented. Anti-Wrinkle treatments can help to reduce excessive sweating, it can be used as part of treatment for migraines, and it can even help certain issues to do with MS or cerebral palsy. But new evidence shows it can also help boost your mood.

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Any kind of treatment – whether a blow-dry at the salon or a manicure – can leave you feeling temporarily happier. It’s the psychology of a fresh start – a feeling of new beginnings. But the idea that Anti-Wrinkle can make you happier is actually more complicated than that.

If you smile, even if you don’t particularly feel like smiling, you might find that you feel a little bit happier. Muscles can send a signal to the brain. So, a simple smile can trigger your brain into thinking you’re actually happy. Which in turn, makes you feel happy. Even if for a short space of time.

The flip side is true too. If you frown, it can make your brain think that you’re sad, and you are therefore more likely to feel sad. But if you can’t frown – because Anti-Wrinkle injections prevents you from being able to do so – then you might find that you feel better as a result.

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If that sounds a bit far-fetched, you might be surprised to hear it has some scientific backing. There is ongoing research into facial feedback, and how using facial expressions can impact the way that you feel. You can find out more about this in The Journal of Psychiatric Research. A trial was conducted where patients with depression were split into two groups. One group had an Anti-Wrinkle treatment, and the other had a placebo injected instead. They targeted the muscles that we use to express sadness.

The result? The Anti-Wrinkle group showed significant improvement after six weeks. More than half of the depressed subjects showed major improvement in their mood. Inhibiting certain facial expressions had a real impact on the way that they felt. It also bypasses some of the more unpleasant side-effects that antidepressants can have.

There is more research to be done. Understandably, some people feel anxious at the thought of using Anti-Wrinkle treatments. In that case, the anxiety caused by using it may outweigh the benefits, and there are side-effects to Anti-Wrinkle treatments too, like pain and swelling. Using an injectable to boost your mood may seem too drastic, and it’s always best to carefully consider any kind of injectable, whether you’re doing it for cosmetic purposes or for other reasons. It also goes without saying that you should never stop taking antidepressants without consulting your doctor first.

Still, it’s an interesting development – and hopefully, there will be further research into how the use of facial muscles can impact mood. Perhaps one day we’ll discover even more uses for Anti-Wrinkle treatments!