Does your diet provide all the vitamins your body needs? The truth is like many people on modern diets the answer is sadly no. Essential vitamins and minerals are often lacking in modern diets no matter how healthy we think we are, and these nutrients are needed not only for our bodies to survive, but also to ensure we thrive.

IV Drip Berkhamsted

Modern living is fast paced, food is often mass produced, and we are living with more stress now than ever in our history so is it really surprising that it is nearly impossible to get the nutrients our bodies really need. Many people have taken vitamin supplements for years, but what if there was a better way for you to get the targeted nutrition your body needs? Well the answer is provided by the expert team at Koha in Berkhamsted who offer Intravenous Vitamin Therapy for anyone who wants to improve their wellness.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

IV Therapy is an incredible compliment to our busy lives and erratic diets which allows essential vitamins to be absorbed direct into the body via a drip, this bypasses the digestive process ensuring the maximum delivery system for the nutrients your body needs.

Types of IV Drips

Improving your overall health and wellness is what IV Drips are intended to do, and to that end there are a range of specific and targeted options available to you at our clinic in Berkhamsted. Here are a few options that may be suitable for you:

  • Rediscover your get up and go with IV Performance Booster Plus
  • Get the ultimate power hit with the IV Advanced Energiser
  • Reboot your system with the IV Immuno Booster
  • Support your fat burning & detoxing efforts with IV fat Burner Plus
  • Looking for an anti-ageing boost? Try Iv Procaine

5 Reasons IV Drips are Amazing

  1. Targeted Outcomes – Treatments (as listed above) are targeted for the outcome you are looking for and will be discussed with our medical experts in the clinic to ensure you are getting the right option for your needs.
  2. Fast & Effective Treatments – Oral vitamin supplements means that they go through the digestive system slowing down their effectiveness. By delivering through an IV drip, your body will absorb the vitamins almost immediately and you will feel the benefits quickly.
  3. Reduces your tablet intake – By using an IV Drip you can reduce the number of supplements you are taking, saving time and money.
  4. Experienced Practitioners – The IV drips at Koha are administered by our in-house team of medical practitioners in luxury surroundings in the heart of Berkhamsted.
  5. An Excellent Preventative – By keeping your body fuelled with the correct amount of nutrients, it is able to work at its optimum capacity to ward of problems and promote wellness.

IV Therapy is the revolutionary treatment now available in Berkhamsted in the luxury surroundings of Koha Clinic. Get expert advice and treatment delivered by our in house medical team, book your appointment today.