It’s hard trying to get everything done when you feel tired. Like a lot of people, you might be exhausted from months of stress and worry in lockdown. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed as everything starts to open back up again. You might even find that you have hormonal energy dips every now and then.

Here are a few suggestions to give you that energy boost you feel you are missing:

Have a power nap – Quick and simple. Just lay down and try to get some rest. 10-20 minutes is just about the right amount – any longer and you might find yourself feeling more sluggish than recharged.

Get some fresh air – If you can, head to your nearest park and get a 20-minute walk. Walking increases oxygen flow through the body, and kick-starts those happy exercise endorphins. Plus, you’ll get a quick hit of vitamin D, which is always a good thing.

Put on some music – An uplifting, mood-boosting playlist can make the world of difference. Sing along if you can get away with it, too. Singing releases the same happy brain chemicals as sex and chocolate. It even releases pain-relieving endorphins, if you can believe it!

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Drink coffee  – It’s tempting to down one too many espressos, but this can leave you feeling shaky and disoriented, and can negatively impact your concentration levels. Instead, just go for one cup. That’s enough to wake you up for a while.

Get some sunlight – Throw open your curtains, sit near a window, stand outside for a moment – whatever it takes. If you work in a dingy environment with little natural lighting, you might find yourself getting sleepy. Where you can, seek out the sun.

Use essential oils – If you’ve got an oil diffuser, now is the time to use it. Lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon oils can help you to feel more refreshed and awake. If you don’t have a diffuser, try mixing a few drops with a base oil (like grapeseed oil) and putting it into a small roller bottle. You can roll it on your pulse points when you need a bit of a refresh.

Do something interesting in the afternoon – Did you know that your sleep signals peak at night and at around 2pm? If you find yourself wanting a nap in the afternoon. If you can manage your own workload, save the most interesting and engaging task until then – it will give you something to look forward to at your most tired point.

Call someone – If you’re still working from home, being isolated can make you feel exhausted. Take a ten-minute break to call someone. A friend, your parents, your grandma – it’s nice to keep in touch with people and can give you a nice boost.

Stretch – Stretching can really help to wake up your body if you’ve been stuck behind a desk for hours. If you’re in an office, even just stretching at your desk is enough to help your body to wake up a bit.